Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Summery Find at the Depot-Vente

On our very long list of "things we need" are classic French folding bistro chairs. I've been hankering after ones that are a bit battered, their paint faded by the sun. 

Depot-ventes, as I may have mentioned before, are where French people take their unwanted goods. You can find anything. At different times, I've seen grand pianos, a motorcycle made entirely of wood and a mummy case. At least two-thirds of the furnishings in our current house are depot-vente finds.

I think the gods are smiling at the moment. Saturday, I picked up a splendid old wood box with a hinged lid, a very handsome basket and a large biscuit tin for a total of 10.50 euros. When the gods are smiling, you keep going... However, Saturday, our favourite depot-vente in Mirepoix had shut its gates because of the power cut and Monday, when we passed by, it was just on noon. Lunch-time. Today, we were lucky.

Here's what we found outside near the large flower-pots, stone sinks and other outdoor necessities. Attractively banged-up and repainted at least four times, this little chair is only one of the three we bought, the fourth really was too beaten up even for our shabby chic taste. Total bill for the trio: 24 euros.

Some months from now, I can picture us sitting under the apricot tree sipping chilled rosé to the murmur of bees and the scent of lavender. 

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