Friday, January 9, 2009

The Léran walkers' group reconvenes.

No, it's not always hot and sunny in the south of France. This week, like much of Europe, we've been hit by a savagely cold blast from Siberia. The end result: a few centimetres of snow and sub-zero temperatures even by day. Not that little things like that would stop us going for an 8 km  walk. Besides, by this morning, the weather was starting to warm up.

As usual, we all met up at the café for coffee, then climbed into cars and drove the few km to the village of Belloc. 

Apart from a few slide-y spots on downhill bits, our route over the next couple of hours was relatively easy. Rain fell. The temperature climbed. Sweaters came off. 

A section of the walk followed the old railway line, now defunct. All over France, former railway officials' house have been turned into homes which still bear the name of the station--Camon in this case--and in this case, a clock. 

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