Friday, January 23, 2009

Curses on the Canners of Confit de Canard

Another duck slaughtering season is upon us. Champion, my new favourite supermarket, has devoted an entire four-page flyer to the many variations on duck now on sale. The front cover features foie gras...
   We stopped in there today to pick up a couple of cans of duck confit. But here's the thing. The label promises 4/5 legs and there is no way of knowing what you'll get. (A short digression on French can openers. Mostly, they don't work. Ours can handle cans of tomatoes but was useless at tackling the deep metallic top of a hefty can of confit. So we borrowed a better one from a neighbour.) 
   I've no idea at what temperature duck fat sets solid but it was solid when I slid a knife around the inside of the can and turned the contents out on to a plate. With most of the fat scraped off, I turned the large lump of intimately conjoined duck legs into the big non-stick pan and drained off the fat as it melted, cursing softly when I realize there were four duck legs this time and five of us for lunch. the fridge was another can with one duck leg remaining. I can't remember how it came to be there. Maybe there were four of us for lunch one time and the confit can really delivered? Herby fried potatoes and a green salad if you want to know the rest of the meal. 

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