Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Evading security guards at Galeries Lafayette

Who knows why this iconic French department store is so uptight about people taking photos in its food department. It's not as though you're going to go home and recreate a ten-foot counter of foie gras in your living room. Oh well. Nobody stopped me making notes so I can tell you that, were you to find yourself locked up somewhere for several weeks, there are worse places. 

Fashionable patisseries all have their own little area. Dalloyau was displaying the Faubourg, a cake covered with dark chocolate decorated with "meteors" of copper dust, and "Echiquier", an oblong cake like a demi-chessboard with two kings remaining--both molded in chocolate. Poilâne breads, tiny macaroons in fin de siècle flavours like thé bergamote and violette: I was tempted to spend a couple of hours just munching my way around. 

Last time I was here, a security guard told me off sternly when I brought out my camera. This time I waited until I was leaving--and still got caught. At least you can see what the Dalloyau stall looks like.

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