Saturday, January 3, 2009

Frugal Eating: The Basic Quiche

Occasionally we end up with a plastic container filled with odds and ends of cheese. Eventually they grow moldy and we chuck them out. Not in this Year of Creative Culinary Frugality. 

I think I've mentioned before my enthusiasm for the pre-made pastry shells you can buy here which you simply unroll and pat into a pie tin. I went on-line and found a bog-simple recipe for quiche. 

So...pastry into the pan. A thinly sliced onion on the bottom, slices of leftover cheese--local brebis, Morbier with its layer of black ash and a couple of others on top, then a crumbling of Bleu d'Ariège, the regional variant on Roquefort. Next I whisked three eggs with a cup and a half of a mix of leftover cream and milk. A dusting of nutmeg and fresh ground pepper and it all went into the pan. 

Meanwhile, I'd cranked the oven up to its hottest (about 425 degrees). The quiche went in for 15 minutes, then had 25 minutes longer at 350 degrees. Very good given the little effort involved. 

I'm thinking this is a good catch-all formula for using up dollops of crème fraîche, little bits of chorizo and leftover vegetables. One thing's for sure: we always have leftover cheese.

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