Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Quick Look in the Garden

Sunny and warm today--almost warm enough to eat lunch outside. I was curious to see what's still growing on this third day of the New Year. Here's what I found. A scattering of pale yellow and purple primroses are in bloom but that's about it for flowers. The parsley is thick and lush, ditto the mint so I'm thinking lamb tagine and tabouleh sometime soon. 

The hollyhocks are well established. The forsythia bush is in bud. A few rain-sodden rosebuds are still on the bushes (I've noticed our neighbours have pruned theirs to knee-high).

The new crop of nettles is, excuse the accidental poetry, in fine fettle. This year, I plan to make nettle soup, nettle quiches and nettle soufflés until we run out of nettles--unlikely. Our neighbour has an enviable patch of chickweed for salads. None in our garden but there is a small rosette-like plant that looks edible. I tasted a leaf and it has a peppery flavour.

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