Monday, January 26, 2009

The Great Storm, the Power Cut, and a Sunday Afternoon Walk

A severe tempest swept through our region on Saturday. Driving to and from Pamiers, we saw branches blown down and felt the wind swaying the car from side to side. Arriving back in Léran, we discovered the electricity was off. For how long, nobody knew--or could find out. Phones, both landlines and cels, weren't working either and nor, of course, was the Internet.

While it was still light, we dug out the box of candles. That night we visited friends for dinner. Their stove is electric. Ours is gas-powered so early on in the evening, Peter and John made a quick trip back to our house to pop the seafood pies in the oven. 

The village was completely dark when we drove home but the sky! The sky was ablaze with stars, inky blue velvet spangled with a myriad of tiny silver sequins. All very romantic but not so much fun trying to get ready for bed. 

Sunday morning. I automatically flicked on the bedside light which didn't work. By now the mairie had a hand-written sign in the window saying that the power cut could last several days.

Mid-afternoon we went for a walk and these shots are some of the things we saw.  

At the top is, I'm pretty sure, a mobile still which is parked down by the river. I mean to go back and see what could be made into potent eau de vie at this time of year. 

The photo below is of the path beside the river with the chateau on the left, and the very turbid and right now, very high, river Touyre on the right.The dense, round birds' nest-y looking things in the trees are mistletoe which grows rampantly around here. 

After that comes a close-up of mistletoe, followed by sheep grazing in the grounds of the chateau.

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North of Andorra said...

We lost power here in Moab for some unknown reason, there was no storm. Only three hours without power, and only one sector of town, but we were thinking of you good people in Leran.