Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn in Paris

Monday we took the train from Pamiers to Toulouse, and then from Toulouse to Paris. The apartment we're rented is on Ile St. Louis and overlooks the Seine. It's the tall narrow one on the extreme right.

Even though it's on the second floor (and remember, the second floor is the third floor in North American parlance) it's still 62 steps. Winding, curving, steep, well-polished stairs lead to the front door which opens into a 27 square metre apartment. About 280 square feet in non-metric. It's a small space but the owners have done a clever job with white furniture, mirrors and see-through chairs of making it look far larger than it is. 

From the window we can see the dome of the Pantheon and, if we lean out over the tiny balcony and risk plummeting on to the road below, a small vertical sliver of Notre Dame. Across the bridge that's directly in front of us is, what we've come to realize, the Tour d'Argent, the oldest restaurant in Paris.

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