Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Curious Appeal of French Supermarket Flyers...

"Pub" crams our mail box every Monday morning. The word is short for publicité, usually flyers for local supermarkets and other big box stores.  Back in Canada, these would have gone from mail box to Blue Box in one seamless movement. Here I don't have a Blue Box for recyclables. Instead Léran has a nifty central garbage area just across from the church. Plastic bottles and cans go into large yellow plastic bags provided by the mairie.  Slamming a half dozen empty wine bottles into a large bin with venom and force is a great way to get rid of aggression. Publicité eventually gets thrown into another big bin.

Meanwhile, French supermarket, and other, flyers pile up on the kitchen table. I read them cover to shiny cover. To begin with, it's a drop-dead simple way to learn French. See the photo. Look at the word or words beside it. Voila!  Now, instead of asking, in French, where to find a thing that wakes you up in the morning ("birds" would be one logical answer) we now know to request a réveille-matin. 

The other reason is the sheer fascination when you see what you can buy at even a small supermarket. Our local SuperU in Mirepoix, for instance, sells clothes, fridges, stoves and furniture. Quite nice furniture as you can see from the current flyer (above, at left. The photo was supposed to appear alongside the text, but I'm new at this blog thing). I certainly wouldn't turn up my nose at that solid pine sideboard. Called a bahut, as I've just learned. 

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