Monday, September 29, 2008

Fête de la Noisette -- stalls and exhibits

The hazelnut festival isn't just an enormous Sunday lunch, it's also a chance for local producers, growers and everyone else concerned with food to get together. 

One stall sold round, crunch-crusted country loaves, as well as others made with hazelnuts. Elsewhere you could fill your basket with homemade jams, local honey in every colour from a pale, clear yellow to a thick, opaque gold, foie gras, confit de canard, wines and the local liqueur called Hypocras (said to be based on a medieval recipe). Imprinted with the Cathar cross, this cake was new to me. 

The charts of human innards were part of a display showing what an old-time school looked like in this region. Wood desks, complete with ink-wells, had names and initials carved into them. On the wall was a chart showing what happened if you abused your body with too much fatty food and alcohol. Ahem. 

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