Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fromage Blanc: My Current Favourite Dessert

Translating as "white cheese", light and snow-white, this simple, slightly sharp substance--like yogurt but better--is a fine way to end a meal.

Dessert was included in the pizza lunch we ate yesterday in Foix. Nothing complicated. Just the usual choices of fruit tarte, chocolate mousse, crème caramel and--the obvious pick--fromage frais, topped with either honey or coulis.

In my time, I've had both. Honey cuts the gentle acidity of fromage frais. Coulis accentuates it. This was a raspberry coulis, the berries cooked, then pushed through a sieve, no extra sugar added. Not only delicious but a crimson and cream photo op. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ange: loved the cassoulet day: can hardly wait for our turn Saturday. B+L