Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paris--Day 2: Henri Cartier-Bresson

Saturday was changeover day when we checked out of our hotel and towed our luggage over to Ile St. Louis to move into an apartment for a week. I love the secret Paris that's hidden behind the double-height doors once used for horses and carriages. Our courtyard is cobbled and filled with plants. Our studio looks down on it. 
  This afternoon we took in a magnificent exhibit of photographs by Cartier-Bresson. More than 300 shots of the people of Paris and elsewhere. Ever since I've been tempted to switch the camera over to black and white--or at least convert normal shots on the laptop. Left to right, nuns buying a lawn mower in BHV, the massive department store with arguably the biggest hardware/electrical/plumbing/you-name-it selection in its basement. The middle pic is in the Place des Vosges where we spent some time this morning. At right, although it's hard to make out, is a queue in a boulangerie including a man with huge bouquet. 

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