Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just one shelf in the kitchen

The two shelves either side of the stove have almost reached saturation point. Here's a section of the one on the left and here's what it holds. Left to right:
1) A tiny, tiny china figurine that was contained in the gateau du roi we ate at Christmas. Think of it the French version of the sixpence traditionally mixed into a Christmas pudding. You see a lot of these diminutive people for sale at flea markets.
2) A somewhat larger figure of a chef. This is actually a timer. 
3) One of many jugs--but here's the thing--still holding the bunch of now very dried mimosa I bought back in February.
4) A big fat blue teapot on loan until we come upon one that's just as big and attractive. 
5) A row of three china canisters for tea, sugar and coffee which, logically, is what's inside them.
6) Behind them is a 3-D map of our department, the Ariège. I have no idea why we bought this or what it's doing in the kitchen.
7) A very heavy pestle and mortar that I brought back from a trip to Borneo. 
8) A glimpse of the Bodum coffee maker. 

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