Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Meal in the New House

Three plus hours of heavy duty gardening in the sun had made us all hungry. Here's what we ate: a tomato-and-goat-cheese tarte, another tarte, a leek one, made by a friend (who also contributed a really good cherry tarte. Another brought along a ginger cake. I'd rather fallen down in the dessert department so these were very, very welcome. All I had to do was bring out a jug of cream and a bowl of crème fraîche). 
   We also ate sausages--chipolatas and merguez--tabbouleh, green salad, cheeses and several metres of baguette. And there was a bit of wine. These are some of the empties leaving for the bottle bin.
   P.S. Such great people to share our first meal with in the new house. We now know that the new table can seat fourteen.

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