Friday, May 29, 2009

Paris--Day 1: Food Notes

Let's start with another chicken Ferris wheel, this time on Rue St. Antoine near the hotel where we're staying for a couple of nights. Not far away is this patisserie, source of pastries to go with coffee at a nearby café. Both are far more expensive in Paris than in our area. Sigh. But the passing parade is worth it. This must be the best city in the world for people-watching. 
   Sitting on the train most of yesterday must mean we had energy to burn. We ambled all day, along Rue de Rivoli, through the Louvre, across to the Left Bank, back along to Notre Dame, over to Ile St. Louis, up to the Marais district, a quick look at Place des Vosges and then, well after 8 p.m., we fell into a little café and had a planche Auvergnat each (assorted charcuterie from the Auvergne, frites and salad) and a couple of glasses of rouge.
   Sometime today, we passed one of the branches of Ladurée, famed for its double-decker macaroons in flavours like blackcurrant-violet, and caramel with salt. Inside is like a jeweller's. A trio of smartly dressed women carefully lifted small perfect pastries into the kind of delicately pretty boxes you could imagine Marie Antoinette using. Photos of the store's interior are forbidden but I did snap the exterior and a couple of the store windows. Binge on the details at It's a very--suitably--sweet site.  The raspberry-dotted gateau comes from another patisserie. Aren't those fat powdery berries irresistible with their individual cushions of spring green icing? 

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