Friday, June 25, 2010

Strolling beside the canal.

  Like all major cities in Europe, Paris is threaded with waterways that once transported goods and people. Canal St. Martin  has been on my "must go and see" list for some years now but somehow we never got round to it before. 
   After we'd rooted around Merci, eaten a café salad and watched a protest march assembling across the street, it was a short-ish walk north to the start of this waterway. Tall trees turn its water the dark green of a gin bottle, folk sit along the banks, reading, talking, thinking--don't you love that couple sitting back to back? And, of course, there's the usual canal prettiness of locks and gates and ducks and, at this time of year, ducklings: it's a charming area to idle away a couple of hours especially on a day so hot and steamy that, before you made a move, you looked for the next patch of shadow to walk through.

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