Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Packed Day in Paris: Part 1

   Because the Vanves flea market only happens at the weekend and because Sunday was already planned, today was the only day we could go. So, a little after 9 a.m., we were on the road, forgetting that we had to go through the cursed Montparnasse metro station with its endless walkways. A little after 10 a.m., the place was already throbbing with buyers. We could only spend limited time there but did manage to buy a bunch of hand-coloured (or looked like it) antique postcards, and an art book.
   I'm convinced that the French are crazier about dogs than us English are. Anyway, I did rather like these two small chiens waiting patiently in their owner's van.
   Something else that caught my eye was the painting of the ballerina on the bar stool. Now there has to be a story behind that. Not that I would have bought it...but I was tempted by the miniature theatre below, or at left or at right...I'm still not that proficient at blogging and photos do tend to end up where they like.

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