Friday, June 18, 2010

The definition of take-out food in Paris.

   A five-hour lunch today with friends who fly back to Canada tomorrow. This meant that, as well as sending us away with a bag full of cheeses, we had to help them finish up all their wine buys. Like us, they had rented a little apartment but, even though we all love to eat, we don't want to spend valuable Paris time cooking.
   What they had done was raid a traiteur for such treats as eggs wrapped in ham and smoked salmon, a glorious crab and grapefruit salad, a pâté seamed with foie gras and other totally delicious things. We cut the pastries into four so each of us could try them all.

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Carol said...

Hey there
Oh envy. Take out in sunnyish vancounver constitutes a vegetarian pie from Capers, a hunka cheese from Costco, some green things from the kits market -across from your old home. More take out to come as we are pulling up stakes, steaks, and have no hope of finding our crockery for a while.
trust all is well
Carol x