Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving fruit bushes to their new home

    My eyes are closing after a long day but I did want to post this gorgeous photo of red currants. Our bush is dripping with them. Jewel-like, scarlet, all I hope is that I can pick them before the birds move in. 
     Elsewhere in the garden are a gooseberry bush, a raspberry bush and what may, or may not, be a blackberry cane or two. At one time this was an enormous bush but, when it only produced about six berries last season, I brought out the loppers. The same happened to an apricot tree: four apricots, all of which fell on the ground. Because it has yet to produce a single bud, let alone a big white waxy flower, a magnolia tree is also currently on the botanical equivalent of Death Row.
     Last year, what with all the renos going on inside, the garden played second fiddle. I stuck things in where there was clear ground. A friend, who knows way more than I do about gardening, pointed out that the rhubarb was in the wrong place. I pointed out that I'd read that rhubarb were like French tenants. Once they were in a spot, they were there for life. She pointed out that if the rhubarb was in the wrong spot anyway, what did I have to lose. 
    So, this afternoon, I dug a semicircular-ish bed which, more or less, mirrors the semicircular-ish bed on the other side of the path. Into this, probably tomorrow, will go the rhubarb, the raspberry, the gooseberry and what may, or may not, be the blackberry. Stay tuned.

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