Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Presentation is Everything.

   The other day, we had to make routine trips to the bank, the insurance agent and the optician. Lots of fun... What kept us sane was the prospect of lunch outdoors in Mirepoix. Don't you love reading menus? We wandered around the square seeing what was on the various menus du jour. A starter of duck rillettes and then a plat of beef with prunes, would have left us lying flat for days. Lunch looked lighter (or at least the start of it did) at  Saveurs de Couvert in the corner of the main square.
Can you make out the old houses in all the reflections? 

Anyway, this was the starter. When I saw tomato and mozzarella salad listed on the menu, I thought "same old" but this was much more imaginative than the usual discs-of-tomato-fresh-cheese-and-a sprinkle-of-torn-basil. Someone out back in the kitchen had peeled the tomato, halved and seeded it, then scooped out the inside and mixed it with little cubes of fresh cheese and a garlic-y basil vinaigrette. Those artistic smears are finely chopped tomato mixed with finely chopped almonds. But here's the inventive thing...

The tomato skin had been dried till it was crisp and used as decoration. Isn't that an idea worth stealing?


Karen from Canada said...

just a minute here- are you telling me that you ate at this lovely restaurant, run by some lovely young ladies (at least it was last year) & you didn't have a dessert!!! they make lovely pastries, I can tell you & the coffee is also good. Can't wait to go back at the end of Sept & I'll try this salad (although I may still have my dessert first). By the way, love your book, I read it the week before we go back to this area, every time Karen from Canada

Rebecca Dawson said...

yes I learnt this in St. Paul de Vence cira '98.
quite a taste crisp! Looks like a lovely reso.
Bon Appetit. bexox

Rebecca Dawson said...

m....that's 1993, n'est pas

Angela Murrills said...

Hi Karen...We did indeed finish lunch with pastries. They'll be getting a post of their own!!

Fat Dormouse said...

Hello, Angela...I'm new to your blog, coming via Floss at Troc'Broc... but I'm excited to read about Mirepoix. You're nowhere where we are now in France, but we spent a lovely two week holiday near Mirepoix, and I was interested to know where you lived. We were in Escuillens (I'm not sure I've spellled it correctly) aboout 10/15 km from Mirepoix. A lovely part of the country.
I've bookmarked you & I'll be returning! Nice to meet you!
I have two blogs. One is my weightloss/cycling blog (fatdormouse.blogspot.com) and one is my life in France. Called View From the Teapot, it can be found at dormouse.wibsite.com. I hope you might come and visit me.