Friday, March 19, 2010

They're not weeds, they're salad.

   Around this time last year, I got into the habit of picking the young green pissenlit leaves, washing them well, and dressing them with vinaigrette. A couple of days ago, as I was weeding, I found some tidy little roots of bittercress. Any of you reading this with especially keen eyes will notice another green in the mix. The last of an enormous head of frisée that I bought at the market last week. 
   At the market today, I noticed these dandelion leaves for sale, as thin and pale as consumptive Victorian maidens. "Pass," I though, "I've got far more robust ones at home."

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indiaJayne said...

Hi Angela
i am jealous that your strawberries are out already! no sign of ours yet, as it's been a cool and wet spring. How are you both? long time since we wrote. i wanted to update you on our latest client news. look forward to hearing from you. Best, Jayne