Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The First Lunch in the Garden

    Oh it was a glorious warm sunshiny day on Monday, warm enough to take the bistro table and chairs out on to the lawn, and load up the tray with lunch. Baguette, pâté, salad. 
  The recent showers followed by sun followed by showers followed by sun--you get the picture--have meant everything grows as you watch. Especially dandelions as you can see. 
    Wandering off on a sidetrack. I'm a devoted fan of Marie Claire Idées, a magazine crammed with crafts, decorating and food ideas. Recently I picked up an hors-série--a special issue--devoted to La folie des fleurs! Flowers on walls, flowers on frocks, flowers on hand-embroidered tablecloths that would take you a million years to hand-embroider, you get the idea. But also, flowers in food. A cake speckled with begonia blossoms. A salad of quail eggs and dandelions. And also, take another look at our lawn, a golden, glinting gelée de fleurs de pissenlit. Now wouldn't that look delectable spread on the breakfast slice of toasted baguette, I thought. 
    Dandelion flowers, green apples, sugar. The recipe looked easy enough. But I wasn't quite sure exactly how much 550 grams of dandelion flowers added up to. So I went and picked a few and weighed them. Six flowers equal three grams. Do the math. 

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