Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Thailand and Laos Report. Episode 1: In the pink in Bangkok

   It's been three weeks since we flew back to France and I really don't have any solid excuses for not posting before now. Except...there were 2,000 photos to go through, an entire 100-page notebook, and a big stack of leaflets and guidebooks. So, finally, here we go. If you live in a cool climate, put on shorts and flip-flops, pretend it's 35 degrees, humid and so noisy that you have to SHOUT AT EACH OTHER all the time. Click your ruby slippers and you're in Bangkok. 
   Except they'd more likely be pink ones. As I said in the previous post, this city has the most dee-vine taxis. When they're not bright Barbie pink, they're incandescent orange or vivid green. It definitely cheers up a streetscape that doesn't need much cheering up anyway what with the inventive sculpture, informal "markets" selling two-dollar T-shirts and food carts galore.
   Gazing, eating and shopping wasn't all we did. 

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