Thursday, December 17, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

  Our house standard Camembert is La Rustique which comes in the traditional round wood box with an inner wrap of red-and-white checked paper. I'd been squirreling away this paper for ages, smoothing it out and stacking it in a drawer. Here's what was at the back of my mind. The inside of the "gift" is a chunk of polystyrene. Kate did the work, wrapping each little white block, sealing it with tape and then trimming it with red ribbon. The evergreens are prunings from the garden. 
    When the checked paper ran out, she used leftover pages from an 19th century book that I've torn apart for its illustrations.

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Becky said...

my camembert de la rustique is in the fridge and me too I have saved some wee squares.
Happy New Year Ange, Peter, and Kate
I've been knitting and reading. The book is Appetit for Life of Julia Child written by Noel Riley Fitch. A book of bliss and giggles I so enjoy! I hope to see you this year. Happy travels to you in the mean time. I am going to Nelson to teach an intensive full French Cooking course in April.
bisous to you all, Bex on Bowen xoxoxo