Thursday, December 3, 2009


   At some point over the past couple of weeks (this being the season when The Duck takes precedence) I picked up a package of aiguillettes. These are fillets cut from the breast of a duck and I got eight in this particular packet for about 2.50€. 
  Aiguillettes are incredibly simple to cook. All you do is fry them in hot melted butter--not too long because you want them pink in the middle. Once they were cooked, I put them on a warmed plate, tented with foil. Then I deglazed the pan with a slosh of Armagnac, reduced that down and whisked in some crème fraîche to make a sauce. Butter, booze, cream. Got that? With them we had rice cooked with herbs and onion, and leeks braised in butter and a slug of Picpoul de Pinet (got to use up all those odds and ends of wine). The apples are there because the plate needed tarting up if it was going to appear on a blog.


Anonymous said...

I love duck, done any way but booze and cream would be one of the best but what really caught my eye was the rice. Stephen is pretty straight laced about rice... white, steamed. He does a few things with it and of course he got me with his fried rice which is the best I've ever had.

Angela Murrills said...

Oh Nina, he would be completely boulversé by my lardons fried rice.