Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beans meanz winter

The two weeks since I last posted have been hugely busy. First we were getting ready for Kate to arrive from Canada on December 9. Then came...well, I'll get to some of that in subsequent posts. The weather has turned truly cold. Checking Dashboard, the handy little computer gizmo that tells me the temperature, I see that it's minus four outside at 11 in the morning. By Tuesday, we'll be back to more normal daytime temperatures in the 9 to 13 degree range. 
   So, we split logs, light the fire, close the shutters, block the draughts and eat warming food which brings me to beans. This part of the Ariège is noted for its haricots blancs. Those of Lavelanet and Pamiers are noted for their flavour with everyone rushing to get their hands on the new crop. "Pour vos cassoulets" says this sign and I can't think of a more appropriate dish on a chilly night. Which reminds me, I have a chunk of salted poitrine in the freezer crying out to get snuggly with a kilo of beans and indecent amounts of garlic, onions and herbs.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Angela. I enjoy your reports from the deep south (France , that is) My wife and I spent two pleasant though chilly months in Mazamet, at the foot of the Montaigne Noir. I read bits of your book almost daily and remember with great fondness the halles and the weekly markets where one actually gets real food. One day I hope to get back to replenish my supply of trompets de morts seche which the old chap that sold them told me "ils sont marvelleuse pour le pate", and they are too!. Keep the ideas flowing. best regards
Bill, from Nanaimo.