Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tonight's harvest

A few thoughts on vegetable gardening as this year's small plot starts to produce. 
1) Nobody needs more than one cucumber plant.
2) Everyone needs lots and lots of tomato plants.
3) Roquette (arugula) produces and produces and produces. 
4) Everything that say about squash plants is true.

A few things I've learned that I'll put into practice next year beginning with cucumbers. These grow brilliantly up vertical supports. I have one plant growing up a tripod and another that has reached the top of its support and is now starting to wind its way along a wire to another support. 

Next year, I really must remember to label my heirloom tomato plants. Cherry tomatoes are easy to identify but I can't be sure if the other four (of a total of six) are meant to be green, yellow or dark crimson.

I solemnly swear to plant more roquette as soon as the temperature cools a little--maybe in September. 

I wish I'd planted more cougette varieties. All we seem to have are long yellow ones.

This little dish of goodies in the photo will make a salad together with lardons, croutons, little steamed potatoes and a poached egg. Right now, melons are so lusciously ripe that the juice trickles down over your hands and on to your wrists. We have just such a melon for dessert.

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