Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cement for the Terrace

     Our little Renault Clio can handle a reasonable load (a shelf system comes to mind although admittedly tied on with kilometres of string) but when we need heavy building materials, we call Romera, a huge shop in Lavelanet that sells timber, bricks, pipes, paint and everything else you need to construct a house or, in our case, a terrace. And Romera delivers!  It still strikes me as a minor miracle that you can make a phone call and the following morning, an enormous truck drives up the impasse. 
    This time it brought two ginormous 1000 kg containers of sand (the monster yellow cubes in front of the house). The invoice lists these as "big bag sable". Piled up beside them are bags of cement from Spain. Check out that packaging. We all noticed that the constructionista may be wearing a crop top and cleavage but she also has safety helmet and goggles. 

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