Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Morning Walk

Doing the morning run to the boulangerie via the fast route takes me past the church and the old mairie. Baguette bought, I often come home along the river bank. Join me..
   Top left are some of the houses that back on the river. Built centuries ago, most are no more than 10 feet wide.
   Just over the bridge is this sign pointing to the riverside trail. "A/R" means aller-retour--a round trip.
   The path ambles along with the chateau meadow--and the chateau--on our right and the river--and a green sea of nettles on our left. 
    Léran still has a few derelict buildings around. Here's one. 
    Now we're at the small foot-bridge that brings us back to the main part of the village. Here's the footbridge itself and the green, bosky view when we look to the right.
    Five minutes from now and we can down with coffee and croissants.

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