Sunday, June 14, 2009

A rip-roaring party on a hot Saturday afternoon.

    Friends Bill and Sally throw an annual--and enormous--party for about 100 in their garden in Aigues-Vives. The invitation read "noon to 6 p.m." We arrived late to find dozens of people already settled in around tables under the trees. On this staggeringly hot afternoon, straw hats were out in force. So were kids all the way from a babe in arms to early teens. 
    Christian, the local barbecue expert, turned out endless coils of Toulouse sausage, burgers and chicken wings. A table indoors was full to bursting with quiches, tartes, dips, salads, cheese, breads and, later, desserts. 
    Wine flowed. 
   Later in the afternoon, Alan, our choirmaster (just realized that I have yet to blog about the choir) had brought his guitar along. Cue an impromptu rehearsal. 
   Some went on to the lake for a swim. We came home and napped.

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