Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paris--Day 5: Some Thoughts on Parking in the City of Light

For one thing, I think two euros an hour is reasonable. Work it out in your own currency if you're not in Europe and see how it compares with large British or North American cities. Mind you, unlike most French towns, Paris doesn't give you a free ride between noon and 2 p.m. as most places do. 
   Even so, owning a car here must be hell. You rarely see a parking space and, when you do, it's usually so tiny that you can't imagine how anyone could shoehorn their vehicle into it. But they do. And if they can't, Parisians simply make up a parking space and fill it. Here are two examples that show how a pedestrian crossing needn't be just for pedestrians.

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M'sieu Auger said...

I loved the street too: many artists supplies stores speaks to another century when we wrote letters instead of sending emails.