Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Paris--Day 5: The Street of Stationery

Even when they were trendy, I never really saw the point of spending gazillions on designer shoes or statement-making purses. But let me loose in a decent stationery store and I go weak at the knees.
   Most times we come to Paris, we find ourselves drawn to Rue du Pont Louis Philippe, a narrow street directly across the most westerly bridge that connects Ile St. Louis with the right bank.
   What's sold here is luscious stuff (for stationery junkies). Leather-bound notebooks, notepaper so thick it would stand up on its own, coloured inks, sealing wax, small perfect cards on which to write small perfect thankyous for elegant teas and extravagant dinners.
    Our all-time favourite store is Melodies Graphiques at number ten where, this time, Peter bought a bottle of brown ink, called "Café des Iles" and I had quiet fun experimenting with various pens in the beautifully bound book reserved for that purpose. The object they're lying on is a pen wiper. You can buy those here too. Above the cash desk is a wall filled with exquisitely addressed envelopes that have been sent to the store over the years.

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