Thursday, April 9, 2009

Getting our hands on a composter: Part 9

It's actually been in residence for quite a while now, beside the bamboo patch (of which more later) and just behind the two vegetable beds that I've dug. 
So, to continue. We brought the composter home in its flat-pack cardboard box, unpacked it so we could gaze at it, propped its pieces against the kitchen sink and promptly forgot about it. 
Some days later, we decided to assemble it by which time the bottoms of the four side sections had bent a little. Much sweat and an hour later, we had it finished, ready to install in the garden. 
First sacrifice into its gaping maw were several bags of partially (in some cases, quite considerably and smell-ily ) decomposed fruit and vegetable peelings which I'd been stockpiling for several weeks. 
The bamboo to the left of the composter is shockingly high and dense and we thought it was dead, until we asked a friend who knows about these things. Evidently it's the deciduous type which not only casts off its brown in spring but also sprouts new growth which shoots up at the rate of several centimetres a week. Meanwhile, all last year's brown and dried leaves fall to the ground. One simple movement and they're in the composter. A green layer, a brown layer, and so it goes...
I nearly forgot. One strange thing is that, to date, nobody has asked is to pay for the composter. 

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