Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back home in France: the art exhibit.

We hardly had time to unpack before we were into preparations for the art exhibit held last weekend. An international event, it featured painters from France, the UK, Holland and Canada. Peter's job was to hang his paintings. Mine was to come up with a Canadian dish that could be served at the Friday night vernissage. Salmon mousse? I ended up using a mix of frozen, canned and smoked--and coping with French gelatin which is sold in thin translucent sheets rather than the granulated kind I'm used to. Most recipes call for cream cheese which I have yet to see here. The Silver Palate recipe, which I found on-line, relies on whipped cream instead. Fine by me. I also liked the zing you get from adding fresh lemon juice.
   Enough about food. The site for the exhibit was the Galérie de Léran, the village's arts centre run by our friends Andy and Amanda. Go to for a bit more about their amazing house and the courses they offer.

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