Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flashback Thursdays: More Good Eats in St. Sebastián

    Even though we'd gobbled up several hefty pintxos earlier and sat down to a full-blown dinner the night before on Spanish time--around midnight--we still woke up, if not starving, definitely aching for that first cup of coffee. And whatever else we happened to come upon...
  What a brilliant idea, I mean, really, how bright to set out a buffet on top of the bar. As we stood there, the chef brought out other types of crisp little bread rolls filled with all sorts of breakfast-y fillings.
    I went for scrambled eggs and chorizo, the egg moist so that some of it, along with the spicy chorizo juices soaked into the bread roll. That and a good cup of coffee set us up for more ambling around the city.
    Mid-morning, against our wills, we were sucked into this wonderful pastry shop.

    Two pastries (and more coffee) found their way to our little marble-topped table.

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