Monday, August 22, 2011

High summer indeed.

   The question I ask myself is "what would have happened if the mercury had reached the 50 degree mark?" Yesterday, when I put the thermometer out in the full sun, this is what it read. Forty-eight degrees or, to put it another way, 18 degrees hotter than the water we use in the washing machine's eco-cycle.
    We've had incredibly hot weather for the past few days, made to feel hotter by the humidity. Cooler temperatures are forecast for tomorrow, and rain, which will be something of a blessing. Digging holes this morning in the garden to plant a cutting that was on its last legs (should that be stems?)--at 7:45 a.m., exclamation point--I found that, despite trailing up and down the path with the hose, and liberal pourings from watering cans, the earth is bone dry.
    Rain would be good.
    In the meantime, there are tiled floors to walk on in bare feet, chilled Muscadet (even rosé seems too "warm" at the moment) and crisp salads--tonight's is a Niçoise--that are as lightly dressed as I am.


Floss said...

Same here! Like you, Ben is digging in the early morning, and I'm doing the ironing at the same time (it built up horribly before I got determined about it...) I gather it might break at 6am tomorrow morning? Who works out these forecasts?

North of Andorra said...

I guess we left just in time. It's hot here in Colorado, but it's dry and cools off at night.