Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Eye of the Needle

In Carcassone for the day, we walked down this street and came upon...
At first, we thought she was a painter. Then, as we got closer, we saw that she was "drawing" with needle and thread. It looked as though she was doing it freehand too.

One of her completed works--a "Salvador Dali". Attached to it is a note saying that it's not for sale but for the world to look at. In case you're wondering how she made a living, there was a hat on the ground if you wanted to throw in a euro or two. 
To give you some idea of the intricacy of her work, here's a closeup of the thumb just underneath the egg.

And moving in even closer, you can see the incredible fineness of her work. I can't begin to imagine how many thousands of hours she must spend on one piece of work. All I know is that she was there when we walked towards the main square, and there several hours later when we left.

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