Friday, March 4, 2011

Think Pink

Famous fashion diva Diana Vreeland once described the colour pink as "the navy blue of India." She could have said the same about Thailand. To start off this blushing little post, some candles at a Chiang Mai market and floating blossoms at the Jim Thompson House in Bangkok.

 One of our stops was in a small village about five hours train journey north of Bangkok where I met up with a long-lost cousin. The hotel where we stayed delighted us with these very pink mosquito nets. No, we didn't add the sunflowers because we were homesick for France. Someone had beaten us to it.
 Every Sunday in Chiang Mai, they close off a main road in the old city and it becomes a "walking market". Also an eating market--I'll post separately about that. One of the desserts available was a crèpe given a swirl of chocolate syrup and then a liberal sprinkling of pink-dyed cocoanut.
Seen earlier, but they are so deliciously pink, that they deserve a second look: The invariable quartet of sweet, salty, sour and hot optional additions to add to your noodles, rice or stir-fry. Here kept under control in pink plastic containers.

I spotted these at a market in Chiang Mai. The reference to equine urine is that this was allegedly once used to create what are more commonly known as "thousand year old eggs."

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