Friday, March 4, 2011

Christmas in Bangkok.

   Apologies for the long silence--and very belated good wishes for 2011--now well underway. Anyhow, here's what we've been up to...
   Soon after my last post, we took off for Thailand, a long, long flight made extra exciting by snowed-in airports in Paris, missed flights, I won't bore you with the details except to say that Air France has my vote for keeping its sang froid when confronted with hundreds of delayed travellers.
    A couple of months there, and in Laos, went by in a flash...but now we're back in France. The jet-lag is conquered, we've become used to cold weather again, and also used to reaching for a glass of vin rouge instead of a Singha or Beer Lao.
    I won't do a day-by-day travelogue, just take you through the high spots, and throw in a few photo essays, and then, mes amis, back to life in France.
   Flashing back to December.... It felt very, very peculier spending Christmas in a warm climate. In fact, it didn't remotely like Christmas at all. Instead of putting on winter coats, hats and boots, and going for a frosty walk, we got into what would we would end up wearing every day: flip-flops, cotton pants and T-shirts or tank tops. We didn't eat turkey or Christmas pud. Lunch was noodles and stir fries, and dinner was outdoors on the roof of a smart hotel. Steak frites was what we ate, oddly enough.
Thai people may be mostly Buddhist but that doesn't stop them putting up Christmas trees, lights and--in the case of the colossal MBK shopping centre, a full-size helicopter with ascending Santas. 

The staff at the little restaurant where we ate lunch were definitely in the mood too.

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