Monday, November 29, 2010

Sheep May Safely Graze

   Bear with me but I have to find a link to an mp3 file or YouTube so you can play this while you read the post and gaze at the photos. Right, here you go...

Amazingly, about a squintillion videos exist of Bach's heart-stoppingly beautiful Sheep May Safely Graze. Many of them show sheep. For the purposes of this post, I have looked at more damned sheep in the last 15 minutes than you would believe. In the end I settled for a pianist so that you wouldn't be distracted from the real sheep, the Léran sheep, that, on Saturday morning appeared as a couple of friends and I strolled along the river bank on an utterly gorgeous autumn morning.
    Suddenly, ahead of us, we saw the local flock crossing the narrow foot-bridge and then, with the three-legged sheepdog urging them on, they headed for fresh fields and pastures new.

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