Saturday, November 20, 2010

Check Out This Blog--Even If You Don't Speak French.

    I must, I MUST, I really must start a list of the blogs I regularly visit (a vow that's right up there with I must post more regularly, I must clean my office, I must finish planting bulbs in the garden, and I must quickly track down an on-line supply of bluebell bulbs because I can't find any here in France and I have visions of drifts of wistful blue replacing the wilderness area come spring). 
    The reason I've held off a blog listing is because, as my old history teacher would say about some of my projects, it demonstrably "lacks focus". Cooking, crafts, clothes. travel, design, gardening, my blogosphere loves are all over the map--and I mean that quite literally. Browsing posts on a Malaysian, Thai or Chinese food blog is almost as good as being there. 
     One of the most luscious French blogs I've found is All recipes, all likely to make you drool. No excuses about not speaking French. If food is one of your passions, you can probably translate enough to work out what you'd need to do to recreate each dish.
     The most recent recette was for a baked potato stuffed with smoked salmon and topped with thick cream and a poached egg. (By the way, both these shots are from the blog.)  I love how the author has set the potato on coarse salt, and primped it up with a sprig of dill.
    The post before that reminded me once again of the huge role that luxury ingredients play in the run-up to Christmas. What you see on that salad plate is a mix of foie gras, scallops, girolles (wild mushrooms) and truffles. Yum.


Choupette said...

Merci beaucoup Angela, c'est vraiment très gentil. Bon week-end.

Keith Eckstein said...

Cheesey baked potato was the first thing I ever learned to cook thus it will always have a place in my heart. I just loved seeing a posher version of the humble baked potato - going to have to try that one out next week!

Yes, you should have a list of blogs that you visit regularly - I think that's a vital component of every blog - after all, that's how A Taste of Garlic started!

All the best


anges said...

j ai moi aussi remarqué ce deux recettes en me baladant sur les blogs de cuisine....deux réussites !
bonne soirée

Rebecca Dawson said...

merci pomme de terre en chemise avec beaucoup de YUM. bliss and there website translates - beaucoup de bliss.