Thursday, July 15, 2010

Viva Espana!!!

   This is possibly the first sports report I've ever posted--but it won't be the last. Here in Léran we're all agog (well, as agog as anyone can get in this hot weather) at the thought of the Tour de France coming through our village this weekend.
   But last Sunday evening, everyone's mind was on football and the final of the World Cup. Spain versus Holland. Both teams had their supporters, the Dutch wearing orange, the Spanish with flags at the ready, and everyone congregating down at the café where Marek had, very sensibly--or we'd have been roasted alive indoors--moved the TV from the bar to the great outdoors. Thanks to him too for providing this shot.
    Anyway, Spain won, the Dutch supporters faded away into the night, and the Spanish got into their cars, hooted their horns, waved their flags and roared off to do a lap of honour around the village.

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