Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Joy of Chocolate

   The small boy who appears on the chocolate topping of a Lu biscuit is one of the best-known icons in French advertising.  With the good luck that followed us all weekend, we came upon an exhibit of work by its creator, Firmin Bouisset.
   Bouisset was born in Moissac and went to art school in Toulouse. As an affichiste (poster designer) he often used his children as models. In fact the petit garçon in the Lu advertisement is his son. Beguiling illustrations for schoolbooks, rather daring drawings, Bouisset's skills ranged far and wide. But he's identified most with chocolate... In fact, staff at the exhibit handed out Lu biscuit samples as we arrived. We got talking to the young guy in charge who, it turned out, is from Belesta--a town not far from here. As a fellow Ariègeois, he offered us more biscuits. 
    Outside in the sun, on the steps of the abbey-church, two little kids had set up their maison, threatening would-be intruders with very sloppy ice creams. Chocolate of course.

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