Monday, September 28, 2009

Driving Them Quackers and Other Hazelnut Festival Fun.

    Not far from the lunch area was a small fenced compound surrounded by spectators. Dogs were showing their skills when we arrived. Then came the ducks. If a dog that herds sheep is a sheep dog, this was a duckdog. He quietly but very efficiently guided them towards the arena exit, then out into the main part of the fair and then back in again. 
    On our way back to the car park, we stopped to watch "the friends of old machines" making hay. As we drove away, we were stopped at the rond-point by a parade of cattle-drawn carts, and horses. A gendarme re-routed all cars down a side street. Lavelanet has its traffic priorities right. Its one and only parking meter hasn't functioned all summer as the tattered sign shows. And when it does, you have to plug in 20 centimes an hour.

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