Monday, September 21, 2009

The Day the Sheep Came Down from the Mountain...

  Sunday, 20th September, marked the annual transhumance in Le Sautel, a village about 15 minutes west of Léran. We had such a good time last year that, earlier this week, I phoned and reserved four tickets for this year's répas.
   Like last year, cars were parked on the verges of the road up to and beyond the official limits of the village. Unfortunately, unlike last year, the temperature was cool with the occasional spit of rain. But it didn't stop the local line-dancing team, or the sheep coming down from their summer pasturage in the mountains, or the three-hour lamb lunch or the singing under the white tents. 

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Linda said...

Three hour lamb lunch sounds very
interesting and this is as much fun
as the Escargot Festival in Lavelanet this past June, we might
consider attending this too sometime in the future. As always,
I enjoy reading your blog. We will be in Tarragona, Coulliere and Parmier this spring and we will try to visit some of the interesting places mentioned in your book. Do you happen to know of a good place where we can buy
duck confit or pork confit in toronto or GTA? Thank you.