Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Musical Evening

Somehow Léran has become a centre for people who paint, sculpt, write and--in the case of Fraser Anderson--sing. 
   We bought one of Fraser's CDs a while back and, during the village's recent artists' "open doors" event, heard him perform live and were completely beguiled by his songs and the gentleness of his voice. 
   Recently, he's been holding events in his home.  Last night, maybe a dozen of us showed up at his and his wife Grace's house, following the pathway, lit by fairy lights, into the salon where we were served wine and olives. Midway though, Grace brought out tiny custard tarts filled with plums from a tree in their garden. 
   Food was only one of the elements that made this a golden evening which included a short story reading in English by a Scottish author and a sample of an upcoming one-woman performance (in French) bracketing Fraser's singing. 
   He's extraordinary, his voice so quiet but his words so powerful that the combination steals your heart away. Do check out his web site.

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