Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hold the Anchovies...

  Depending on how sharp your sight is you may be able to make out the pizza varieties you can order from the van that usually parks at Lavelanet market. 
   Bear in mind that French pizza is always thin-crust, never that fat, doughy stuff. And on top of that, you can have--to describe just the final three:
    The Delicieuse: crème fraîche, magret (duck breast), mushrooms, lardons (bacon bits), onions, olives and cheese.
    The Tipic (not sure where this name comes from. Do they mean "typique" as in typical? If so, here's what's typical of the region): crème fraîche, sèche (dried duck breast), onions, olives, cheese and a lemon-y, garlic-y persillade.
    The Gourmande: crème fraîche, magret, foie gras, lardons, mushrooms, olives and cheese. 
    There's also one called The Titanic which features smoked salmon and sorrel cream.

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Florence said...

Doug & I have just seen Julie & Julia..good fun..
And I felt compelled to comment, as Julie was the blogger, and ... well, see the movie.
Love the photos of food.... and I read the blogs regularly.