Friday, December 19, 2008

Off to Monte Carlo.

Because it's only half an hour along the coast, we went to Monaco for the day, taking the coastal road that swooped around glittering bays and down through seaside communities. The last time I was in Monaco was when I was in my teens. The parking hasn't got any better although we eventually did luck into a tiny spot right across from the port. 

Jammed tightly together, high-rises clamber up above the harbour. The extravagant white boats in the port are just as tightly packed. We followed a pathway along the water passing a large number of boats registered in other recognized tax havens, got lost in a tunnel, and finally found the famous Monte Carlo casino which is far more glamorous outside than in, a masterpiece of baroque over-the-topness. I can't vouch for the interior. We didn't venture beyond the lobby as the casino authorities charge 10 euros a person to go any further. 

Right now, the little park in front is all ready for New Year's Eve, its grass decorated with strings of small blue lights, and colossal silver globes reflecting the casino.

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