Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sunday Night Paella

Even before we moved to France, I used to make paella regularly. Vivid colours, good flavours, feeds lots. What more can you ask of a dish? 

The chicken, pork, mussels, clams and prawns all came from our favourite Asian food store. The fresh chorizo from a run-of-the-mill supermarket. The rice was inauthentic Basmati when it should be Spanish. The method was much easier than the one I generally use. As with most paella recipes, you can do al lot of the prep ahead of the time in terms of cooking the chicken, pork, chorizo and vegetables. The difference with this version is that you cook the paella in the oven instead of on top of the stove, then bring it out and cover it with cooking foil for ten minutes. 

Four of us were eating it so I made enough for six to eight which meant leftovers. As happens with paella, all the good stuff--prawns, clams and the like--got fished out so what was left was basically rice with a few errant chunks of sausage. 

A definite meat deficiency. So, the next evening, I fried a handful of lardons (here known as bacon bits), added big scoops of paella rice, threw in four chopped green onions, and added two beaten eggs. God knows what kind of fusion dish you'd call that but it tasted fine with pleasurable marine backnotes of all the seafood that had briefly lived there. 

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