Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Simple Left Bank Supper

As in any city, a personal recommendation is the best way to find those off-beat places popular with locals that guide books don't always list. Friday night was bitingly cold, the wind really whipping along the quais. When we finally arrived at Le Fourmi Ailée--the winged ant--(which someone we'd met had told us about) it looked enticingly warm, golden and inviting. This former Latin Quarter bookstore still has books as its main decoration. 

The plat du jour, roast chicken with linguine, sounded just the thing for a bitter night--and was--especially with a bottle of sturdy Languedoc wine. I can never resist lemon tarte. This version was new to me, a bed of puréed prunes spread on the pastry before the citric filling went on. A fresh take on a classic with its sweet-sharp flavours.

Recommended. If you're off to Paris any time soon. The address is 6, rue de Fourre. 

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